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            The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. with all members and the County Clerk present.


            The monthly department head meeting was held with the following in attendance: Tom Kramer, Road Foreman; Frank Goldsby, Public Works Administrator; Don Button, Emergency Management Coordinator; Todd Hampton, City/County Building Official; John Crosby, Fire Chief; Lance Babcock, Sheriff; Sherry Thompson, Health Department Administrator; Rita Gee, Treasurer; Mary K. Sullivan, Register of Deeds; and Nancy Ramski, Civic Center Building and Grounds Manager.


            Gene Schwein made the motion to approve the minutes of the September 16, 2003 meeting and the claims against the various funds of the county. Madison Traster seconded the motion. Following clarification of three vouchers, the motion passed unanimously.


            Don Button, Emergency Management Coordinator, presented information on the Mitigation 20/20 Task Force forms. It was decided that Don Button would be the main contact for e-grant information through Dunn & Bradstreet, and Carl Higgs, Linda McHenry and Rita Gee would be secondary contact people. Discussion was held on upcoming workshops. Mr. Button presented information on a 2-week class on the chemistry of hazardous materials. All expenses for the class will be paid through a grant the state received. The class will be December 8 – 18 in Topeka. Don requested approval to purchase a projector with remaining grant money. He may have to add a little from his budget to get the one he needs. He has a little over $1,400 remaining in the grant and the projector he has priced is about $2,000. The commissioners recommended that he get more quotes. Mr. Button assured them that he would get at least three.


            David Rodriquez and others from the 2003 Grant County Leadership Class attended the meeting. They reminded the commissioners that their project is revitalizing the county’s park across the street from Hickok School. They are in the process of seeking funding for the project. They requested a letter from the commissioners approving the group’s plans for the park. Madison Traster made the motion to issue a letter granting permission for the Leadership Class to pursue the park revitalization project. Gene Schwein seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The name chosen to name the park is “Prairie Wind”.


            Tom Kramer, Road Foreman, and Frank Goldsby, Public Works Administrator, presented information on a shoofly for the Moscow Bridge Project. Mr. Kramer reported that water resources would have to approve the shoofly. He will put in a request for their review. A decision on constructing the shoofly was tabled until more information is available. The commissioners signed a resolution committing county funds in the amount of $210,779.88 for the bridge project. Approval was given to fill the vacant position at the road department. Seven road-crossing permits for OXY USA, Inc. and one for Pioneer Communications were reviewed and approved by the commissioners.


            Sherry Thompson, Health Department Administrator, went over the final bio-terrorism grant expenditures with the commissioners. Mrs. Thompson gave an update on other business in her department. Gene Schwein made the motion to pay for flu shots from the health department for county employees. Madison Traster seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. They also agreed to pay for pneumonia shots if the employee meets the criteria.


            Frank Goldsby, Public Works Administrator, Tom Kramer, Road Foreman, and a former employee, met with the commissioners. Gene Schwein made the motion to recess into executive session for thirty minutes for personnel matters. Madison Traster seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. After 30 minutes, the meeting continued in open session.


            Lance Babcock, Sheriff, and Loy Henderson, Undersheriff, gave an update on their department.


The decision was made to pay for Southwest Regional Juvenile Detention services on a quarterly basis in 2004.


It was decided that Madison Traster would represent the commission at the 2003 Kansas Economic Policy Conference in Lawrence, Kansas on October 24, 2003.


            Gene Schwein was appointed as voting delegate for the annual Kansas Association of Counties Conference and the voting delegate for the annual KWORCC and KCAMP insurance meetings. Carl Higgs was appointed as alternate voting delegate for the meetings.  Madison Traster was appointed as second alternate for KAC.


            A proposal from KONE Elevators for an RSQ-Pak that would automatically activate during a building power loss was reviewed and discussed. Due to the cost of $6,279.00, the commissioners made the decision not to have the emergency lowering power pack installed.


            The commissioners adjourned to meet again in regular session on October 21, 2003.


Linda McHenry, County Clerk                                      Carl Higgs, Chairman