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C20070605                                                                                                                 June 5, 2007


            The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. with all members and the County Clerk present. The meeting was recorded for television for the first time.


            The monthly department head meeting was held with the following in attendance: Lance Babcock, Sheriff; Anita Alvarado, Health Department Administrator; Rita Gee, Treasurer; Jerry Jo Deckert, Emergency Medical Services Director; David Graber, Transfer Station Manager; Todd Hampton, City/County Building Official; Don Button, Emergency Management Coordinator; J.D. Neufeld, Civic Center Building and Grounds Manager; and Tom Kramer, Road Department Administrator.


            Madison Traster made the motion to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2007 meeting and the claims against the various funds of the county. Carl Higgs seconded the motion. Following clarification of several vouchers the motion passed unanimously.


            Ginger Anthony, Museum Director, gave an update on roof repairs at the museum. She reported the museum board is replacing lighting in the museum for safety reasons. Alltech Electrical service designed a system for them and is doing the work at a cost of $25,574.00.  Mrs. Anthony said they were paying for the lighting with their funds and would not need any additional help from the county.  Mrs. Anthony presented the museum’s 2008 budget request in the amount of $142,000.00, which is the same amount as the current county appropriation.


            Tom Kramer, Road Department Administrator, and Randy McCauley, Road Foreman, met with the commissioners. Mr. Kramer presented a petition for the proposed Road W project. Madison Traster made the motion to open the road from what’s known as our 7-mile road to what’s known as Deerfield Lane in Kearny County. Carl Higgs seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Mr. Kramer reported the engineer’s estimate for the asphalt project is within his budget this year. The commissioners authorized Mr. Kramer to solicit bids for asphalt work for this year.


Mark Hinde, CEO of Southwest Developmental Services, Inc. presented his 2008 budget request. Deanna Berry, Director of Russell Child Development Center, also presented her budget request. SDSI request is for $41,000, which is a thousand dollars less than this year. RCDC request is for $27,200, which is a $5,600 increase.


The commissioners made the unanimous decision to change the first meeting in July to Thursday, July 5, 2007.


Madison Traster made the motion to recess into executive session for 20 minutes for the purpose of discussing possible real estate acquisition. Carl Higgs seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. After 20 minutes the meeting continued in open session. No decisions were made.


Loyetta Skeen, Clerk of the District Court, requested approval to purchase 3 computers to replace older units that are having problems. She presented a quote for Dell computers from Infinitec. Carl Higgs made the motion to approve the purchase of 3 computers from Infinitec at a cost of $1435.00 each. Madison Traster seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


J. D. Neufeld, Civic Center Building and Grounds Manager, requested the commissioners consider an outright purchase of a 1997 Bobcat 773 Skid Steer Loader. Since Mr. Neufeld did not consider the loader to be a priority at this time, the commissioners made the decision not to purchase it. Mr. Neufeld will assess his needs and budget this for next year if he sees the need for it. In other business, Mr. Neufeld asked about removing the dead trees at the care home. He said there are probably 6 dead trees and others that don’t look good. The commissioners recommended having Darl Henson, Extension Agent look at the trees.


Carl Higgs made the motion to adjourn. Madison Traster seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The commissioners will meet again in regular session on June 19, 2007.


Linda McHenry, County Clerk                                      Marty Long, Chairman