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LEPC Meeting Minutes for April 20, 2006


            In the absence of Don Button, LEPC Secretary Vivian Button called the meeting to order at 5:00PM.  Members present were Al Baker, Charles McKellar, Deb McDaniel, John Crosby, David Wagner, Frank Goldsby, John Leisher, Sharon Phelps, JJ Deckert, Sherry Thompson and Ruben Flores.

            Don was in Garden City at a Train-the-Trainer class for the Incident Command System. The ICS 100: Introduction to ICS, ICS 200: Basic ICS, ICS 300: Intermediate ICS and ICS 400: Advanced ICS. 

            In Garden City on May 23 and 24 Kansas Division of Emergency Management will hold ICS 100 and NIMS IS 700 training.  They will also have Incident Command System/Emergency Operation Center Interface.

            Don has set up IS 700 National Incident Management System Classes on May 11.  He will have three classes: 9:00AM, 1:00PM and 7:00PM at the Grant County Fire Department. People who need the IS 700 are Entry Level First Responders and Disaster Workers. This includes Emergency Medical Service Personnel, Firefighters, hospital staff, Law Enforcement Personnel, Public Health personnel, Public Works/Utility personnel, Skilled Support Personnel and other emergency management response, support, volunteer personnel at all levels.  This also includes the Private Sector personnel that would be responding for their organization if the incident includes their company or industry.  These people also need ICS-100: Introduction to ICS (Incident Command System or equivalent.  Dave Jones of Garden City and Don taught an IS 700 class in Lakin with 69 people present on April 13.

            Rod Wilson finished his HazMat Technician class in Pueblo.  This training was paid for by the HMEP Grants.  We have three more scheduled to go this year.

            April 22 BP sponsored Community Safe Driving Day.  They have lots of activities planned for all ages.

            We looked at printout from the website for the County Emergency Operations Plan.

            John Crosby from the Fire Department said the county was in the Extreme Fire Danger but we have not had any major grass fires.  One major house fire, however it was contained to the one structure.

            Dave Wagner from the Transfer Station stated the Spring Cleanup dates are April 22 to April 29. Household hazardous Waste is going good. Some things that are brought in can be reused.  Jerry Jo Deckert asked if you could throw empty paid cans in the dumpsters or if you need to bring them to the Transfer Station.  Mr. Wagner stated if they had any paint left in the cans they should be brought to the Transfer Station, but if they we empty them could be put into the dumpsters.

            Frank Goldsby stated his retirement was going well.

            John Leisher from Bob Wilson Hospital stated they were working on Grant paperwork.

            Jerry Jo Deckert from Grant County EMS reported 13 people in the EMT Class.  The renovation is about finished and they will have an open house on May 20.  Grant County EMS and Midwest Life team and Southwest Trauma Council have teamed up to offer Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support training in Ulysses on May 6 and 7 and again on June 10 and 11.  Both days have to be attended to receive certification.  EMS will be attending the BP Community Safe Driving Day.  They will be checking car seats and giving away bike helmets. EMS has two of their personnel certified in Car Seat Safety.

            Sherry and Sharon from the Health Department stated they are waiting for the Mumps.  We do not have any cases of mumps in the county at this time.  If someone needs a Measles, Mump and Rubella (MMR) vaccination, the cost is $54.  Children are required a MMR vaccination before they can attend school.

            Dr Hubert Peterson, District Coroner, was in Sublette Saturday giving a presentation on the Bird Flu.  Sherry from the Health Department, advised she would see if Richard Everett, Southwest Health Initiative could bring this information to our area. 

            Charles McKellar was welcomed to the Committee.  He is the BP Jayhawk Plant representative.  Lots of good information was shared between the Jayhawk Plant and the first Responders on their Tour the First of April.

            Deb McDaniel from Columbia Chemical Company stated they are working on updating their Emergency Plans.  They are also working on a Safety Coordinators Group in western Kansas.  The first meeting is planned for May 16 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Pioneer Communication Media Room.  The cost will be $25 each to help cover the cost of the meeting and lunch.

            Ruben from the City of Ulysses said he had been meeting the last two days with the KCC to check City pipelines.  The Wetland Project is going well. They are getting ready to talk to State and City engineers and consultants and take bids in June or July.

            Al Baker stated Don and he taught a Radiological Monitoring (RM) class in Meade on April 8th and they have a class scheduled in May for Johnson City. The classes also discuss Radiological Transportation Incidents.  Radiological monitoring was discussed.   The Transfer Station has a RM class coming up.

            Some of the industries would like us to have the LEPC Meeting during the work day. So the next LEPC meeting will be May 18 at 1:30 PM.


Meeting adjourned at 5:49 PM


Vivian Button


Tentative meeting dates for the rest of the year:  June 15, July 20, August 17, September 21, October 19, November 16 and December 21.