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Grant County Local Emergency Planning Committee

Meeting April 21, 2005


Don Button called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.  Fourteen members were present with 3 guest.


Jeff Baier, Vivian Button, Richard Everett, Ben Oliver, David Wagner, Tom Schlesener, Sharon Phelps, John Crosby, Don Button, Raymond Fonseca, Matt Traster, Alan Olson,

Ruben Flores, Jerry Jo Deckert


Guest  -Terry Crosby-Brent Koehn-Brian Foltz


Discussed the 2004 BSIR (Biannual Strategic Implementation Review).  The review has to be completed by July 5.  We have ordered the Standby generator for the Law Enforcement Center and part of the Courthouse.  The generator did not cost as much as was expected, so funds are left over that the review committee needs to decide how to spend.  The committee is looking into a command trailer, which will be used for communications at the scene and for Incident command.

The 2005 ISIP (Initial Strategic Implementation Plan) has to be completed by June 1 to be able to receive the grant funds in the amount of $101,000.  Don will be meeting with the responders to pick projects and goals and objectives.  A percent of the 2006 grant monies will be regionally allocated instead of dividing all the monies by county. 

We have received our Hazmat Trailer from the 2003 ODP Grant.  The Fire Department is working on putting the Hazmat equipment into the trailer.

There is also a Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program for certain equipment grants for Rural Communities.  The application has to be sent in by May 5.

We are working on a Project Community Alert Program.  Midland NOAA Alert Radios will be available thru Ulysses Building Supply.  These are $45 to $50 dollar radio and they will sell for $29.95.   These are all Hazard Radios, not only will they do the weather alert, they can also be used for Amber Alerts and other alerts the community needs to know about.

The Mass Fatalities in WMD class the week of April 13, 14 and 15 was a success with 38 participants.  Anne Allen, the Training officer, from Kansas Division of Emergency Management is very impressed with the Pioneer Communication Multi Media Room and is going to try to bring more training to our area.

Critical Incident Stress Management in WMD class will be offered in Garden City on May 10.  The instructors are from St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Don asked if the LEPC and Emergency Services wanted to have a booth at the Grant County Fair.  Jerry Jo Deckert stated she already reserved 2 booths for EMS but could see if we could get 2 more beside EMS.  Tom Schlesener stated ATMOS would cover the cost of the 2 booths.

The Southwest Hospital Emergency Response Team (SHERT) will give a presentation to the community on April 26 at 1:00 PM at Pioneer Communications especially for health care provider, emergency responders and government officials. The SHERT organization is conducting these presentations to all 18 counties in their region.

The Governor signed an executive order that all responder will use and be compliant with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  The NIMS training is available on-line thru FEMA or you can download the training materials and submit the test.  As soon as Don Button receives the supplies, he will be an instructor for the class.

John Crosby, Jeff Baier and Don Button are going to a Highway Specialist Class in Pueblo, Colorado.  Don is going to training in Anniston, Alabama for Agro-Terrorism.  The EMSAK (Emergency Management Support Association of Kansas) Conference is April 26 to 29 with training. 

Raymond Fonseca from BP talked about the Southwest Kansas Driving Awareness Day BP is sponsoring at the Civic Center on April 30 from 10 AM to 6PM. They will have Driving Simulators, Impaired Vision Goggles, KHP’s Rollover Demo, and several vendors.  They are stressing wearing your seatbelt and safe driving practices.  They hope to make this an Annual Event.

Jerry Jo Deckert, the Interim Director of Emergency Medical Service stated they have one person in Paramedic Class that will graduate the end of the year.  EMS is planning on doing a Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure clinic at the Fair.  EMS teaches American Heart Association CPR and First Aid classes for business or public.  They also teach American Red Cross CPR and First Aid if you prefer.   JJ is working with Emergency Management and the Safety Committee to set up CPR and First Aid training for the County Employees.

Matt Traster stated Commissioners are working with EMS, Hospital and Clinics to become better partners and work together as a team for the health of our community.

Dave Wagner from the Transfer Station reminded everyone Spring Cleanup starts this weekend.  He is working with Seward County to make Ulysses a Satellite Station for Household Hazardous Waste.

Rubin Flores with the City of Ulysses talked about taking over the gas transmission lines here in Ulysses.  The City has to educate the community about safety tips and where the gas lines are and safety procedures.  They are going to talk to the Schools and the Carehome and residence in the area of the gas wells. 

John Crosby with the Fire Department stated they have 12 new fire fighters.  The Fire Department has been working with KDOT to hold their regional Fire Extinguisher Class here in Ulysses.

It was requested we have the next Meeting at 4:00 PM on May 19.  The Committee agreed.

Next meeting will be May 19 at 4:00 PM in the basement of the Grant County Courthouse.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM