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Within these pages we strive to bring you a historical account of Grant County, the first 100 years. With the aid of photographs, the lives and events of Grant Countians, past and present, come alive.

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Wagonbed Springs Marker

Marked the location of the first water found after leaving the Cimarron Station

Before the Move

Early pioneers, settlements, schools and towns from boom to bust, moving Ulysses

After the Move 1909-1919

New Ulysses, little town on the prairie, ranches and working cowboys, homesteads


Electricity and the railroad come to Ulysses, new homes, early automation, Hickok, KS


Brick buildings, government programs, drought, black rollers, conservation, automation and industry

1940s Part 1 | Part 2

World War II, farms diversified and booming, oil and gas boom, Grant County busting at the seams


First stop light, street improvements, baby boom, new hospital, expansion in the oil and gas fields, blizzards, floods & dust storms


Time for building, new churches, schools, swimming pool, Helex plant, Viet Nam War


New Grant County State Bank, civic center, high school, Viet Nam War, fire on main street, high school musical


Industrial fire at east cities service, trade shows, civic organizations, senior citizens center, youth programs, and day care