Disposal Fees


Disposal TypeRegular FeeSpecial Fees
C-D (Construction and Demolition)$35.00 / ton$15.00 / ton minimum 750 lbs.
Transfer Trash$55.00 / ton$13.00 / ton minimum 340 lbs.
Metal$35.00 / ton$15.00 / ton minimum 750 lbs.
All Mobile Homes / RV's$55.00 / ton
Tires - Car$5.00 each
          Semi-Truck$20.00 each
          Bar Tread / Tractor /Sprinkler  (Rim=19.5 or smaller)$28.00 each$ 47.00 with rim
          Tractor Tire$55.00 each
           Other:  Rim 19.5x24 ,20.5x35, 20.8, 23.1x30, metric-520/620)          $80.00 each$100.00 with rim
           Other:  Rim:  23.5, 26.5, 30.5, metric-66x43)         $175.00 each
Trees Free
ConcreteFreeMust be weighed
Accepted Credit Cards:  Master Card, VISA, Discover, and American Express.  There is a convenience fee of 2.5% on all credit card transactions.  Payments accepted by telephone.
Contact Information:  620-353-1069