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                                                GRANT COUNTY CEMETERY DISTRICT

                                                                MEETING MINUTES

                                                                 October 10, 2014


MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Darrin Figgins, Board Members Mary Sullivan, Cecil Simpson, Kathy Olson and Ronald Craft            




STAFF PRESENT: Secretary Paula Shapland, Sexton Bernard LaFever




Chairman Darrin Figgins called the meeting to order. 


Minutes:  The minutes of August 8, 2014 were approved upon motion by Ronald Craft and second by Mary Sullivan.


Financial Reports.  The 3rd quarter reports were accepted unanimously upon motion by Cecil Simpson and second by Ronald Craft.


Sexton Report:  Sexton Bernard LaFever reported they are mowing.  He purchased new front tires for the backhoe.  He also reported that the equipment is in good condition.


Irrigation Filter.  Chairman Figgins reported that the filter is to be delivered October 17th.  He will talk to Ruben about storing the filter until the building is completed.


Filter Building.  Cecil Simpson reported that we are waiting for the filter to be delivered to see what size the building needs to be.


Water Rights.  Secretary Shapland reported that the application was returned for a signature and information and is still pending.


Personnel Policy.  Board Members discussed whether or to consider the policy at this time and determined to table it until the next meeting to give board members time to consider which portions, if any, they want to adopt.


Drug Testing Policy.  Following discussion, Kathy made the motion to go ahead with drug testing for pre-employment, accident, or reasonable suspicion.  Motion was seconded and carried unanimously.  The cost per test will be $70 and setup charges have been waived since we are closely associated with Grant County.


Lattimore Monument.  Chairman Figgins reported that Ragels is waiting for the stone to come back to them so it can be cut and returned to the cemetery.


Disinterment of Klein baby.  Chairman Figgins updated the board members that Joyce Klein has declined to have the baby moved after she was given the cost information which was clarified at the last meeting.


Other:  Board Member Kathy Olson resigned her position effective October 10, 2014.  Chairman Figgins thanked her for many years of public service to the cemetery district.  She stated that Keith Wood may be interested in the position.  Chairman Figgins advised that a new board member will be elected at the next regular meeting in January.


There being no further business, Kathy Olson moved, Ronald Craft seconded, that the meeting be adjourned at 12:35 p.m.



Paula Shapland