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                                                GRANT COUNTY CEMETERY DISTRICT

                                                                MEETING MINUTES

                                                                 October 25, 2013




MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Darrin Figgins, Board Members David Schell, Cecil Simpson, Kathy Olson and Ronald Craft            




STAFF PRESENT: Secretary Paula Shapland, Sexton Bernard LaFever




Chairman Darrin Figgins called the meeting to order. 


Minutes:  The minutes of August 9, 2013 were approved upon motion by David Schell and second by Cecil Simpson.     


Financial Reports.  The 3rd quarter reports were accepted unanimously upon motion by Ronald Craft and second by David Schell.


Sexton Report:  Sexton Bernard LaFever reported that the new building is ready to move into.  The backhoe is at Murphy?s for repair.  He inquired about fencing for new maintenance building.  Following discussion, it was agreed to use fencing from the old area and get additional supplies to complete fence on north side of maintenance building.  Put fence on a concrete runner and call One Call prior to any digging.  Make sure fence is on cemetery property.  He also reported that he will need concrete pads for the fuel tanks.


Linn Energy.  Time frame to send back agreement has expired.  No action taken.


Irrigation Filter.  Chairman Figgins has worked with City Superintendent Ruben Flores to find a solution for the algae problem in irrigation system.  Kevin Marx, John Deere Lawn Care, is working on a proposal.  The initial plan of action includes: sexton is to get water samples to determine parts per million; city will chlorinate pipe from ponds to cemetery and seal for winter to kill algae in whole system; sexton will work with city to chlorinate lines within cemetery; special meeting will be held to review proposal and determine final course of action.


American Legion Crosses.  Chairman Figgins reported that he visited with Dave Waldron and they will work with the sexton prior to placement of any future crosses and will move any crosses that are a problem.


Cemetery Website.  Secretary Shapland asked for Board direction for the future of the cemetery website.  The county has accommodated cemetery records on its website; however, integration with the county website promotes the feeling that the cemetery is part of the county and not a stand alone entity.  Being part of another company?s website restricts the cemetery layout to that of the hosting company.  Shapland has been looking into a standalone website that will enhance the searchable database of records, including GPS, obituaries and stone pictures, and eliminate the need for maintaining two databases for the records.  There may be some initial cost but long term cost should be comparable with current hosting and software fees.  A touch screen directory at the cemetery is another update that might be future enhancement of our services.  Following discussion, a consensus of approval to looking into these enhancements was given.


There being no further business, Cecil Simpson moved, Ronald Craft seconded, that the meeting be adjourned at 12:40 p.m.



Paula Shapland