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August 9, 2013


MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Darrin Figgins, Vice-Chairman Cecil Simpson, and Members Ronald Craft and Kathy Olson.


STAFF PRESENT: Sexton Bernard LaFever and Secretary Paula Shapland

PUBLIC PRESENT: Dennis Ruckman, Ofelia Guzman, Julia Atayde, Beverly Milburn, Wayne Russett, Susan Mason, Dana McDaniel. 


Chairman Figgins opened the meeting and asked for public input about the cemetery decorations policy.  Comments were made about needing clarification on wording about decorations, maintenance interference, and who can remove decorations.  Chairman Figgins thanked the public for their input and advised that the policy would be revised as soon as possible and published and welcomed the public to stay for the remainder of the meeting.  The public left the meeting. 


Minutes:  Minutes of July 12 and 29, 2013 were reviewed.  Kathy Olson moved, Cecil Simpson seconded that the minutes of July 12, 2013 be approved.  Carried unanimously.  Cecil Simpson moved, Ronald Craft seconded, that the minutes of July 29, 2013 be approved. Carried unanimously.


Budget Hearing:  Chairman Figgins opened the Budget Hearing for the 2014 Budget.  There were no comments.  Kathy Olson moved, Cecil Simpson seconded, that the 2014 Budget be adopted as published $320,000.  Carried unanimously.  Kathy Olson further moved and Ronald Craft seconded, that Resolution No.  2013-1, waiving the requirements of K.S.A. 75-1120a, be adopted.  Carried unanimously.  Chairman Figgins closed the hearing.


Neighborhood Revitalization Program:  Chairman Figgins opened the hearing for the NRP.   There were no comments.  Cecil Simpson moved, Ronald Craft seconded, that the Interlocal Agreement with Grant County be approved.  Carried unanimously.


Decorations Policy:  Following discussion, it was decided to revise the draft to clarify the above items and send the final draft to board members.  Kathy Olson moved, Ronald Craft seconded, that the revised policy be adopted as long as the revision meets the board?s intention.  Carried unanimously.  The board wants the regulations published and provided to all purchasers.  The sign at the Cemetery will also be updated.  Darrin Figgins will visit with the American Legion about working with the Sexton prior to placement of the crosses.


Irrigation System:  Cecil reported that Ruben with the City is looking into filters for us to improve the water flow from the sewage ponds.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m. upon motion by Kathy Olson, second by Cecil Simpson.



Paula Shapland