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                                           GRANT COUNTY CEMETERY DISTRICT

                                                             MEETING MINUTES

March 29, 2013


MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Darrin Figgins and Members Cecil Simpson, David Schell and Ronald Craft.




STAFF PRESENT: Sexton Bernard LaFever and Secretary Paula Shapland




Chairman Darrin Figgins called the Annual Meeting to order in the Conference Room of the Grant County Court House at 12:00 noon.


Chairman Darrin Figgins asked for nominations to fill the position of Darrin Figgins for a 4-year term on the board.  Darrin Figgins was reinstated by unanimous consensus.


David Schell moved, Cecil Simpson seconded, that the Chairman and Vice-Chair be reinstated.    The vote was unanimous in favor.   Chairman is Darrin Figgins and Cecil Simpson is Vice-Chairman.


Chairman Darrin Figgins resumed the regular business meeting. David Schell moved, Cecil Simpson seconded, that the minutes of January 11, 2013 and February 22, 2013 be approved.  Carried unanimously. 


The Financial Reports and Check Register for the 1st quarter were reviewed and approved upon motion by David Schell and second by Ronald Craft.


Sexton Report:  Bernie reported that he bought a new spreader at Big R. 


Building Project ?

Electrical Bids:  Chairman Darrin Figgins opened the sole bid for electrical from Dave?s Electrical for $9,600.  Following review, David Schell, Ronald Craft moved, to accept the bid.  Carried unanimously.


Plumbing Bids: Chairman Darrin Figgins opened the bids for plumbing from Tatro Plumbing for $10,315.00 and Platinum Plumbing for $13,618.40.  Following review, Cecil Simpson moved, David Schell seconded to accept the bid.  Carried unanimously.


Trash Service:  Following review, it was agreed to continue with Collectia Trash service until the rate goes up.


Pioneer Natural Resources:  Pioneer has asked the Cemetery District to sign off on their intent to drill a gas well on the Tuttle ground.  Following review, Cecil Simpson moved, David Schell seconded, that the Chairman sign on behalf of the Cemetery District.  Carried unanimously.




The board suggested that the sexton purchase a digital camera so the website can be updated with new monuments as they are set.


Chairman Figgins shared that the County Commissioners, Road & Bridge Department and Loren Wright have been very cooperative assisting with the foundation for the new building.


Greg Soelter, building contractor, visited with Chairman Figgins about his building bid.


John Alig, Economic Development Director, advised Chairman Figgins that the Neighborhood Revitalization project is in early stages and the Cemetery Board will be asked to decide whether or not to participate.


There being no further business, David Schell moved, Cecil Simpson seconded, that the meeting be adjourned at 12:40 p.m.  


Paula Shapland