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                                                              MEETING MINUTES

                                                                 January 13, 2012               


MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Darrin Figgins, Members Ronald Craft, Kathy Olson, and David Schell.




STAFF PRESENT: Secretary Paula Shapland, Sexton Robert Brown.            


PUBLIC PRESENT: Greg Soelter was present for the discussion about the building project.


Chairman Darrin Figgins called the meeting to order in the Commissioner?s Room of the Grant County Court House at 12:00 p.m.


The minutes of November 20, 2011 were approved unanimously upon motion by David Schell, second by Ronald Craft. 


Financial reports for 2011 including the 4th quarter check register and budget report were reviewed and approved following motion by Kathy Olson, second by David Schell.  Darrin Figgins asked about the Verizon bills and the Sexton explained that he had run over his cell phone and had to get a new one which is supposed to be indestructible; also, that the monthly billing includes his service for his computer and phone.  The secretary advised that the trash fee is going up to $83.35 for weekly pickups and the sexton said he could reduce the number of pickups each month.  Darrin Figgins inquired about the Flagging Fee; the sexton advised that we haven?t set very many stones since the fee was implemented.  David Schell inquired if we had budgeted for irrigation water used in excess of the contract.  The budget doesn't have a specific line item for excess water.  Robert Brown said the city has already asked him to water.  The board decided to review this again at budget time.


Building Project:  Robert Brown had sent pictures of the Johnson cemetery building to the board members for review.  The Johnson building, including septic tank, was around $80,000.  He has tried to get quotes from Craig Malone and Greg Soelter.  Malone has not responded.  The board discussed that we don't necessarily want to build the same structure as Johnson since we need to have it fit our needs.  Greg Soelter presented his product which is manufactured zip panels that are built to engineering specifications and then put together on site like a puzzle.  The panels provide adequate strength and are energy efficient.  The Board decided to delay any action until the next meeting to give them time to identify uses of the building and seek community input. 


2011 Audit:  A proposal for the 2011 Audit has been received from Dirks, Anthony & Duncan.  The board had previously discussed the cost increasing each year and decided to seek quotes for the 2011 audit.  Following discussion, it was agreed to request bids from local CPAs. 


Sexton Report:  Robert Brown reported that he has replaced the tires on his pickup.  He had 46 burials in 2011.  The new backhoe has been a great purchase.  He reported that he wants to hire one worker to work 40 hours each week instead of 2 working 25 each week this year. 


Chairman Darrin Figgins called an executive session for 20 minutes, upon motion by Kathy Olson, second by David Schell, for the purpose of discussion of non-elected personnel. The regular meeting was reconvened at 1:15 p.m. The board decided by general consensus to increase the sexton and secretary wages by 3%.


Other:  Paula Shapland asked for clarification about having funerals on holidays.  A recent funeral on New Year's Eve at 4:00 p.m. and several Sunday funerals that resulted in minimal public presence caused the inquiry.  Darrin Figgins, as a funeral director, advised that they don't typically plan a funeral on a federal, city or state holiday; he's not sure what other funeral home do.  David Schell was uncertain if we could deny a funeral at any time.  Kathy Olson added that some religions have to adhere to their burial traditions and inquired if it could be decided on a case by case manner.  Due to the short timeframe from death to burial it is difficult to rely on that.  The secretary will review the current policy and have it ready for the next board meeting.


There being no further business, Kathy Olson moved, David Schell seconded, that the meeting be adjourned at 1:20 p.m.  The next scheduled meeting will be March 30, 2012.



                                                                                                                        Paula Shapland