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                                                               MEETING MINUTES

                                                                    July 15, 2011


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Vice-Chairman Cecil Simpson, and Members Kathy Olson and Ronald Craft.


MEMBERS ABSENT:  Darrin Figgins and David Schell


STAFF PRESENT: Sexton Robert Brown and Secretary Paula Shapland




Vice-Chairman called the Meeting to order in the Commissioner?s Room of the Grant County Court House at 12:00 noon.


Kathy Olson moved, Ronald Craft seconded, that the minutes of March 25, 2011 be approved.  Carried unanimously.


The Financial Reports and Check Register for the 2nd quarter were reviewed and approved upon motion by Kathy Olson and second by Cecil Simpson.


Sexton Report


Golden Cemetery.  The fence is complete except the plaque.  Thank you letter has been sent to the Mrs. Ford.


Trees.  Bids were obtained for a water line for the 180 trees that were given to the cemetery from the city.  The trees have not survived due to the drought so the bids are no longer needed.


Water.  Water system is working fairly well; however, Gray?s will be putting in another water line at no charge to the cemetery as part of the contract.  The cemetery has used 7 ½ million gallons this year to date.


Backhoe service.  The sexton asked that the board consider purchasing a backhoe due to difficulty getting the openings dug when there is a short notice.  He reported that he had 47 last year and 30 so far this year and sometimes it is difficult to get one when needed and then if there are any problems and a backhoe is needed immediately, it causes a lot of problems.  Following discussion, Kathy Olson moved, Ronald Craft seconded, that the sexton look for a backhoe and call the board when one is located.  Carried unanimously.


Lot Surveys for stone placement.  The sexton asked the board to consider charging a fee for flagging sites for stone placement.  Sometimes he flags them and then the monument company doesn?t show up or shows up a week later and then it is difficult to maintain the grounds.  Sometimes they have to reset the flags.  Other cemeteries are charging $25 for each space.  Ronald Craft moved, Kathy Olson seconded, that a $25 fee per space be charged each time a space is flagged and the fee is good for seven days and then the flags will be removed.  Notices will be mailed to monument companies.


Website Update.  The company who created the cemetery database that is on the County website stopped providing that service.  Sheila Brown, who had lead that project, was able to find another company to convert the database.  Although all services have been free so far, the new company charged $1520 to convert the data and $380 to create an interface so the updates can be completed.  There will also be a $35 monthly hosting fee.   Sheila worked with Paula to get the conversion done and Paula called the chairman to get guidance since there was a cost involved.  It was agreed that the options were limited so we proceeded.  Sheila turned that database and the cemetery pages over to the secretary now so the changes will all be done by Paula now.  Robert said he is going to take pictures once a year. 


Purchase of Tract.  The tax exemption has been approved for the tract purchased.  We were advised that the Court of Tax Appeals is trying to increase the fee for this to $1,000 no matter how large the tract is.  Current fee is $125.


2010 Audit.   The audit is almost complete and the report should be ready by the August meeting.  The auditor asked that the board adopt the resolution pertaining to financial requirements for the years 2010 and 2011.  Kathy Olson moved, Ronald Craft seconded, that Resolution No. 2010-1 and Resolution No. 2011-1 be adopted.  Motion carried unanimously.


2012 Budget.  The new valuation 279,826,858 was discussed and a draft budget to show how the increased valuation will impact revenues was reviewed.  Following discussion, it was agreed to publish the Notice of Hearing with a proposed mill levy of .5, which is the same as 2011.  The board discussed the expansion project, the backhoe, a new mower, and other considerations.  The board wants to levy funds necessary to improve or expand the cemetery but reduce the levy when possible.  The budget hearing will be August 5, 2011.


There being no further business, Kathy Olson moved, Ronald Craft seconded, that the meeting be adjourned at 1:00 p.m.