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                                            GRANT COUNTY CEMETERY DISTRICT

PENDING BOARD APPROVAL                                                              MEETING MINUTES

                                                                  March 25, 2011


MEMBERS PRESENT: Members, Chairman Darrin Figgins, David Schell, Cecil Simpson, Kathy Olson Wilson and Don Dunn.




STAFF PRESENT: Sexton Robert Brown and Secretary Paula Shapland


PUBLIC PRESENT: Ronald Craft, Calvin Hall, Rita Hall, Marie Dowell, Susan Mason, Dana McDaniel, Jason King, Linda White, Gene White, Sandy Lane, Patty Shapland, Robyn Crosby.


Chairman Darrin Figgins called the Annual Meeting to order in the Conference Room of the Grant County Court House at 12:00 noon.


Chairman Darrin Figgins asked for nominations to fill the position of Don Dunn for a 4-year term on the board.  Don Dunn nominated Jason King, Calvin Hall nominated Ronald Craft.  Kathy Olson moved that the nomination cease.  David Schell seconded the motion.  There were no further nominations.  Chairman Figgins asked the secretary to prepare paper ballots. Ballots were completed by the public.  Chairman Figgins counted them and announced that the vote was Jason King - 7; Ronald Craft - 13.  He asked Ronald Craft to take his place at the table.


Chairman Darrin Figgins asked for nominations for the position of Chairman.  Kathy Olson nominated Darrin Figgins as the Chairman and Cecil Simpson as the Vice-Chairman, David Shell seconded the motion.  Kathy Olson moved, David Schell seconded, that the nominations cease.  Chairman Figgins announced that the Chairman is Darrin Figgins and the Vice Chairman is Cecil Simpson.   


Chairman Darrin Figgins resumed the regular business meeting.  He welcomed the visitors and asked for any comments or concerns.  Calvin Hall voiced that the water at the cemetery is good.


Chairman Figgins began the quarterly business meeting.  Kathy Olson moved, Cecil Simpson seconded, that the minutes of January 14, 2011 be approved.  Carried unanimously. 


The Financial Reports and Check Register for the 1st quarter were reviewed and approved upon motion by David Schell and second by Kathy Olson.


Sexton Report:  Robert Brown advised the Board of his activity including watering trees, Golden Fence and the irrigation system.  There have been 47 burials and 54 spaces sold since April 2010.  He would like to have the Hepatitis B shots.  The board previously approved the vaccine for cemetery workers.  He asked for approval to remove the unhealthy trees that are hindering the irrigation system.  Kathy Olson moved, Cecil Simpson seconded, to grant the request.  Approximately 12 trees are affected.   Leonard Oxford and Wilbert Schmidt are returning for seasonal work.


Project Update:  Irrigation System.  The system is complete and payment will be made following the meeting.    Water from the city is approximately 1,275 gallons per minute. 


Project Update:  Land Purchase.  Purchase of the 1 acre tract west of the Ulysses is complete.  Tract was purchased since cemetery trees were planted on the ground.  Additional trees are on Jack Julian's land and he declined to sell to the cemetery district at this time.


Project Update:  Golden Fence - Check received from Justin Ford for $1,070 for a donation for the fence.  Thank you to be sent to Mrs. Ford.  Bernie is assisting with the fence which is still in the works. 


Project Update:  Golden Well.  Well has been completed.


Chairman Figgins noted that Richard Kreie passed away and suggested a memorial since he worked for the cemetery for several years.  $40.00 will be sent to DuGood Events.


Miscellaneous.  Kathy Olson inquired about the policy to buy back spaces from individuals.  The current amount is reimbursement if the individual paid $100 for the space or $50 if $50 or less was paid for the space.


July 8, 2010 is the next regularly scheduled meeting.


There being no further business, Kathy Olson moved, Cecil Simpson seconded, that the meeting be adjourned at 12:50 p.m.