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                                                               MEETING MINUTES

                                                                January 14, 2011                           


MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Darrin Figgins, Members Don Dunn, Kathy Olson, David Schell, and Cecil Simpson.




STAFF PRESENT: Secretary Paula Shapland, Sexton Robert Brown.                       




Chairman Darrin Figgins called the meeting to order in the Commissioner's Room of the Grant County Court House at 12:00 p.m.


The minutes of October 22, 2010 were approved unanimously upon motion by Kathy Olson, second by Cecil Simpson. 


Financial reports for 2010 including the 4th quarter check register and budget report were reviewed and approved following motion by Kathy Olson, second by Cecil Simpson.  Secretary Shapland noted that there are a couple remaining bills to be paid out of 2010 budget and the contract for irrigation system in the amount of $88,250.00 will be encumbered from the 2010 budget.


GIS SYSTEM.  It was noted that the GIS project the county is doing is postponed.  The cemetery information is to be included in the project.


Ulysses Cemetery.  Chairman Figgins updated the board that there has been additional discussion about the 1 acre tract west of the cemetery.  The new owner is planning to remove trees that were planted by the cemetery on the tract.  Following discussion, David Schell moved, Cecil Simpson seconded, that $5,000 plus reasonable closing costs be authorized to purchase the tract and the tract be used to negotiate a trade with Jack Julian for the rest of the tree row that lies on Julian property.  Motion Carried.


Sprinkler System Project:  Sexton Brown updated the board that Gray's is replacing all sprinkler heads in the existing system.


Sexton Report:  Robert Brown reported that he planted 170 Eastern Red Cedars trees donated to the cemetery by the city and he is using a county truck to water them.


He also reported that he had an electrical service placed where the water meter will be.  The new water meter is ordered.


Golden Cemetery Fence.  Sexton Brown reported that the cost of chain is prohibitive so cable is suggested and Pioneer Communications will donate the cable.  The cost of pipe is approximately $400, concrete will be $200-300 and a gate will be approximately $400.  It was agreed to have the Chairman contact Justin Ford to report on the costs and see if he still wants to donate $1,000 for the fence.   A press release about the fence and the donations will be released.


Golden Cemetery Well.  Sexton Brown requested direction for the well.  The pump is bad and the well needs to be deeper.  It is 200' now.  The estimated cost if $8,000.  Cecil Simpson moved, Kathy Olson seconded, that Robert work with Martin's Well Service to get a functional well.  Motion carried.


Chairman Darrin Figgins called an executive session for 10 minutes, upon motion by Dave Schell, second by Kathy Olson, for the purpose of discussion of non-elected personnel. The regular meeting was reconvened. The board decided by general consensus to leave wages the same.  Sexton Brown reported that all three seasonal workers may want to return this summer.


There being no further business, Dave Schell, Kathy Olson seconded, that the meeting be adjourned.

Paula Shapland