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                                                 GRANT COUNTY CEMETERY DISTRICT

                                                                MEETING MINUTES

                                                                September 24, 2010



MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Darrin Figgins, Board Members Cecil Simpson, David Schell


MEMBERS ABSENT:  Kathy Olson Wilson and Don Dunn


STAFF PRESENT: Secretary Paula Shapland, Sexton Robert Brown


PUBLIC PRESENT: Kevin Gray, Kevin Ford, Leo Romero, Curtis Houser


Chairman Darrin Figgins called the meeting to order. 


Cemetery Project:  Curtis Houser, with Kirkham Michael opened the bid for the north irrigation project.  The bid from K & K Lawn was for 145,320.  The engineer's estimate is $83,545.  Since the bid exceeds the estimate Mr. Houser said he will forward the bid to Larry Schieferecke for a recommendation.   Mr. Ford explained that he was unable to provide materials at the costs estimated by the engineer.  It was observed that some of the estimates may not be close to actual. 


Following further discussion, Cecil Simpson moved, David Schell seconded that a project proposal request be mailed to Kevin Ford and Kevin Gray and ask them to submit their own design, complete with costs and layout to accomplish efficient watering of the north section of the Ulysses Cemetery.  The project must contain water within each section (no cross watering sections).  It was also determined that the Sexton will move footstones and corner markers as determined to be necessary.


In addition, David Schell moved, Cecil Simpson seconded, that the contract with the engineer be terminated.  Carried unanimously.


Trees on West Side of Ulysses Cemetery.  Leo Romero was present to ask for access to the 1 acre tract he purchased on the west side of the cemetery.  The cemetery trees were planted on the private property instead of on cemetery grounds.  He has a pending sale of the tract and the interested party wants to fence the tract and use it for storage and says he needs access on an infrequent basis.  The matter was tabled until the full board can meet.  Mr. Romero is to be notified of the decision.  Cecil Simpson moved, David Schell seconded, that Attorney David Black be contacted and see if he can contact Jack Julian who owns the property south of Mr. Romero's property which also has trees planted on it to determine if that land can be obtained.


Sexton:  Robert Brown asked if the board wants to repair the Golden water well at an estimated cost of $8000.  He also inquired if he should plant the new cemetery area.  Following discussion, it was decided to hold off on both until the North Irrigation Project is reviewed and cost can be ascertained. He also reported that everyone is in compliance now with decorations on the grounds.


2009 Audit.  The audit was reviewed and accepted upon motion by Cecil Simpson and second by David Schell.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:34 p.m. following motion by Cecil Simpson, second by David Schell.