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                                         GRANT COUNTY CEMETERY DISTRICT

                                                               MEETING MINUTES

                                                                 August 20, 2010



MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Darrin Figgins, Board Members Cecil Simpson, Kathy Olson Wilson


MEMBERS ABSENT:  David Schell and Don Dunn


STAFF PRESENT: Secretary Paula Shapland, Sexton Robert Brown




Chairman Darrin Figgins called the meeting to order. 


Cemetery Project:  The Board looked at Sprinkler Irrigation documents for the existing cemetery.  Following extensive discussion, the board decided to publish the bid notice and open bids on September 10th.  They also asked that the engineer be instructed to have street bid documents to us by August 26th and the board will meet again on August 27 to discuss that project.


Sexton:  Robert Brown advised that the trees on the west side of the Ulysses cemetery are on private property.  A one acre tract was recently sold at the Sheriff?s auction to Leo Romero and he is trying to sell the land to another person.  It is being surveyed and staked.  Board members are concerned that a new owner may remove the trees without discussing it with the board.  Sexton Brown heard that the new owner commented he would remove the trees unless the cemetery gave him access to the tract.  The state is unwilling to grant access off of Hwy. 160.  Following discussion, it was decided to contact David Black, County Attorney, and ask for his advice or see if he will write a letter to Mr. Romero and express the Board's interest and concerns.  Board members are hoping there is a law that will protect the trees since they have been there so long.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m. following motion by Cecil Simpson, second by Kathy Olson Wilson.