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                                                               MEETING MINUTES

                                                                     July 8, 2010


MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Darrin Figgins, and Members, David Schell, Cecil Simpson, Kathy Olson Wilson and Don Dunn.




STAFF PRESENT: Sexton Robert Brown and Secretary Paula Shapland


PUBLIC PRESENT: Susie Randles, LeAnn Alcala, Ronald Craft, Larry Schieferecke.


Chairman Darrin Figgins called the Meeting to order in the Conference Room of the Grant County Court House at 12:00 noon.


David Schell moved, Don Dunn seconded, that the minutes of March 30, 2010 be approved.  Carried unanimously.


The Financial Reports and Check Register for the 2nd quarter were reviewed and approved upon motion by Kathy Olson Wilson and second by Cecil Simpson.


Project Update


Road Project.  Larry Schieferecke presented the bid book for the first road in the new section.  Members went through the project and bid sheet.  Mr. Schieferecke advised that this is a standard bid packet and that the ad for bids should be published 3 times in the local paper.  Board members indicated that they prefer to keep the bidding local.  It was decided to set a calendar deadline for the project of Thanksgiving.  The board wants to do only curb and gutter at this time.  Mr. Schieferecke discussed the possibility of draining issues if the surface is not completed with the curb and gutter.  Board members decided to revise the bid spec and deleted #5, the 12? compacted subgrade, #6, concrete pavement, and #12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 which are temporary fertilizer, seeding, and barriers.  They had asked to have the 12" compacted subgrade removed from the project at the March meeting.  A copy of the revised Bid Sheet will be forwarded to the engineer who had already left the meeting.  Prior to review of the engineer's estimate of cost, Chairman Figgins asked Board Member Simpson if he planned to bid on the job so it could be determined if there was any conflicts. Board Member Simpson indicated that he does not plan to bid. 


Sprinkler Project.  Plans for the improvements to the existing north section of the cemetery were reviewed.  The plan includes new lines along each roadway and new sprinkler heads in order to utilize water more efficiently.  Chairman Figgins advised the board that the cost estimate for a water meter is around $5,000 and the city advised that a meter from Teeter Irrigation may not stand up to the sediment and debris in the water so having the city install one is probably best at this time.  He will continue to work with the city to get a water agreement.  The irrigation system for the first new section will be included in the bid as a separate item.  Mr. Schieferecke noted that the unit costs for the north section are much higher than the new section due to the obstacles and possibility of damage to monuments. 


Sexton Report:  Robert Brown advised the Board that he has obtained health insurance for $250 per month.


Golden Cemetery.  The well is not working and needs to be checked.  Estimated cost will be similar to the work completed on the well in the Ulysses Cemetery this year.  The board approved calling Martin Well to find out what it will take to get it working again.


Raymond Howard wants to use a space that he owns but it has a tree growing on it.  The board agreed by general consensus to take out the tree. 


Cemetery Policy.  Susie Randle and LeAnn Alcala questioned the policy at the cemetery of having to remove decorations that are not on the stone.  Mrs. Randle said she was unaware of the policy and also did not know that the spaces are not owned by individuals.  She had been told that the Cemetery Board said the decorations on the stones and in vases had to be removed after Memorial Day also.  The Board clarified that the reason to remove the decorations is so that the grounds can be maintained and that decorations on the stone or in vases do not prevent grounds maintenance.  Also, there have been complaints about the clutter in some areas and It is the Board?s responsibility to make sure the grounds are maintained and kept up for everyone.  Cemetery spaces are purchased for burial use only and the Cemetery District retains ownership of all the grounds.  Employees make every effort to work around stones and decorations without damaging them; however, when there are too many decorations it is almost impossible to maintain the grounds without a great deal of extra work. 


LeAnn Alcala said she knew of damage that had been done but could not remember where it was or whose lots it was.  She asked the board to reconsider the policy because she feels that people should be able to decorate their spaces as long as they maintain them and then when someone fails to take care of the grounds, the board should step in at that time and make them remove the decorations.  Board Members indicated that they are trying to treat everyone uniformly and don't want to create special exceptions that will cause more problems in the end. 


Chairman Figgins asked the secretary to create paper ballots so the board members could vote on whether to change the policy or not.  Board Members voted on the question, "shall we change the policy to limit decorations on the gravesites in the cemeteries?"  Board members voted and the secretary read the ballots.  Vote was 4 - NO votes, and 0 - YES votes.  Chairman Figgins indicated that the policy would not be changed.  Board members discussed that all people purchasing spaces should be given a copy of the rules and also that the policy should be published and individuals given until labor day to remove the decorations that are hindering maintenance of the grounds.  Board Members want a signed document that each purchaser has received a copy of the rules at the time of purchase.


Board Member Simpson said we should also be getting a signed document when a person athorizes burial of someone on their spaces.  Board Member Schell said he doesn't think we should get involved in family discussions.  The normal procedure now is when someone wants to give a space to another person for future use, they submit a written request and a transfer is completed in the records; however, if a person authorizes burial on one of their spaces and does not ask for transfer, no documentation is requested.


Kathy Olson Wilson requested a 15 minute executive session for the discussion of non-elected personnel.  Motion seconded by Cecil Simpson and carried unanimously.  Chairman Figgins resumed the regular meeting and it was agreed by general consensus to reimburse the Sexton $250 per month for insurance costs.


Cecil Simpson moved, Kathy Olson Wilson seconded that an executive session be held for discussion of non elected personnel for 15 minutes.  Carried unanimously.  Chairman Figgins resumed the regular meeting.   He asked the secretary to post the cemetery minutes on the county website and mark them as "Draft" since they will not be approved when they are posted.  He also asked how often messages were checked.  Secretary Shapland responded that messages are checked about 3 times per week and also on the weekend. 


2011 Budget.  The new valuation 277,742,339 was discussed and a draft budget to show how the reduced valuation will impact revenues was reviewed.  Following discussion, it was agreed to publish the Notice of Hearing with a proposed mill levy of .5, which is the same as 2010.


There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.