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Motor Vehicle Registration

The Grant County Treasurer's Office is available to process Motor Vehicle renewals Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm.  Processing of title transactions will need to be completed prior to 4:30 pm.

Renew A Vehicle

There are 4 options for renewing your tags. You may visit your local county treasurer's office, renew by mail or drop box on the East side of the Courthouse, or renew online.  Proof of Insurance is require on each vehicle. Remember, No proof of insurance, No tags! It's the law. Renewals processed by mail, drop box, or online will be mailed from the Grant County Treasurer's Office in approximately 10 days.

License Plates in Kansas expire according to the first letter of your last name.  Renewals are due by the last day of the coordinating month. The applicable fees include registration fees and personal property tax.

Please note:  All delinquent personal property taxes must be paid in the Treasurer's Office before any vehicle transactions can be completed.

Title a Vehicle

Title transactions are made through the County Treasurer's Office in the county you reside in. Vehicle registrations must be obtained  within 60 days of vehicle purchase to avoid penalty.

Required documentation can be presented to the Grant County Treasurer's Office.

  1. Properly Signed Title
    1. Out of State Title, a VIN inspection is required - Inspection may be obtained from the Grant County Law Enforcement Center @ 210 E Central for $20 (cash only).
      1. Electronic Title / Lienholder held Title - A Title Request must be made with your Lienholder or Previous State. The requested title must be mailed to the Grant County Treasurer's Office.
    2. Salvage / Rebuilt Salvage Title or Non-Highway Vehicles, a VIN inspection is required - Inspection may be obtained from the Kansas Highway Patrol for $25.
  2. Sales Tax Receipt - If purchased from a Kansas Dealer
    1. Out of State - Dealer's Invoice or bill of sale.  County will collect the Sales Tax
      1. County Tax is 6.5%, Within Ulysses City limits 8.5%
    2. Bill of Sale is required when the purchase price is not listed on the back of the title.  County will collect Sales Tax.
      1. County Tax is 6.5%, Within Ulysses City limits 8.5%
  3. Proof Of Insurance
  4. Transfer of Current Plate - If previous vehicle was sold or traded in for new purchase
    1. Previous Vehicles current registration
    2. New vehicle to be registered, must be in the same name
  5. Application for Title - Signature of new owner

A Temporary 30 day paper license plate will be issued to you while your license plate is printed and mailed to you within three weeks.