Cemetery District Overview

Grant County Cemetery District

The Grant County Cemetery District is made up of four cemeteries:

  • Ulysses Cemetery - Ulysses Cemetery is the most active and is located two miles east of Ulysses on Hwy. 160.
  • Zionville Cemetery - Zionville Cemetery is located southwest of Ulysses.
  • Shockey Cemetery - Shockey Cemetery is located northwest of Ulysses.
  • Golden Cemetery - Golden Cemetery is located southwest of Ulysses.

There are numerous other burial sites in Grant County; however they are considered private and are not included in the Grant County Cemetery District. Any burial information given to the cemetery district for the country cemeteries will be kept on file and be available to the general public; however, the information is not checked for accuracy.


Funding for cemetery maintenance is through a countywide mill levy. A meeting is held annually in March to elect five representatives to terms of four years. The Board is responsible for conducting all business of the Grant County Cemetery District; employ staff to maintain the cemeteries and records, and budget funds for the operation of the district.